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Professional 3D Printing Service for AEC Models


In order to let potential clients visualize architectural/structural/civil designs, modellers need to build models of increasing details. Currently, the models are usually built by hands with cardboard, foam board and Plexiglass and are very time-consuming. The quality and accuracy are insufficient for sophisticated and innovative prototyping. The reputation of your firm will be tarnished if the models are unprofessionally constructed.


With advanced 3D printing, we can now print complicated AEC models with extreme accuracy and resolution within a matter of hours. This would allow you to have more time to discuss with clients, eliminate misunderstandings/mistakes and improve your design.


Major Benefits of 3D Printing for AEC models are:

  • High precision.

  • Improved communications between designers and investors.

  • Short delivery time.

  • Quick design revisions.


Solutions Research Centre 3D printing service for AEC firms and developers uses state-of-the-art Stratasys Objet 3D printer for professional 3D model printing.


From now until 31st Dec 2017, you can even enjoy 30% discount on our 3D printing service.


If you are interested in our service please feel free to contact us at (852)31859500 or email

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